The Ultimate Irish Coffee

April 4, 2017


Allow me to paint a picture.  It's a lazy Sunday morning where you can ease into your day.  The "to do's" list does not exist there's just you and perhaps your honey.  Of course your cuppa coffee is a must have in this scene, but how about giving yourself a cuppa indulgence instead.  Yes a hot cup of creamy coffee spiked with a smooth Jameson kick.  Doesn't that sound lovely?  


I'm very particular with my Irish coffees and to me that means no Baileys (never) because it's a cheat in my book and it's so much better when done without it. I use fresh coffee and fresh sweetened cream.  The sweet cream plays a supportive role to ease the whiskey kick and let me tell you it's delicious. My son Ryan and I enjoy these beauties every Christmas - it's kind of our thing.  so Cheers, Sante, and Salud here's to relaxing Sunday morning libations. ☕️🍸🥃



  • Freshly brewed coffee or espresso

  • Jamesons Irish Whiskey

  • Heavy whipping cream

  • Powdered sugar

  • Sugar cubes

  • Irish coffee mugs



Making the sweet cream:

Depending how how much you are making, but for two add 1/4 cup cream into a large bowl.  Add 2 tbsp of powdered sugar (or as much as you want) to the cream.  Either whisk by hand or hand mixer until the cream is thick but not fully whipped.  It should still be pourable because you want it to "float" above the coffee but not be whipped.


Serving the coffee

  • Preheat your mugs with boiling water

  • Once hot, empty the water and pour the coffee until 1/2 full

  • Add 3 cubes of raw sugar and stir (I like drinks super hot so I put it the microwave for a couple secs at this point but that's just me)

  • Add a shot of whiskey per glass

  • Top off with sweet cream

  • Sip & Enjoy


To drink, yes there is a way to drink Irish coffee, do not stir the cream through the coffee just drink the coffee through that lovely cloud of sweet cream.  Hope you enjoy and here's to tipsy Sundays!




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